game barely functions

So, aside from the speedometer being ridiculously inaccurate (says 51mph when I’m slow af), the game is also unbearably laggy. I don’t know if it’s my ping or my fps, but either way it’s unacceptable. My ping is only 200ms (high, but for a game like this is should be PLAYABLE.) And I severely doubt it’s my fps.

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It might just be a mix of unoptimization + low end specs

The speed was changed by gautam so thats probably why the speedometer is inaccurate

Can you send a video of the lag so I can see what type it is? Also let me know what device you’re using. For me, in the US & on a Samsung phone it runs at 120 fps and 30ping making it super satisfying



I’m using a HP laptop with Intel Core i5 10th gen 8 gb RAM. I took a look at the inspect menu and got the fps, it was fine. The issue was with the ping.

I mean, honestly, you guys REALLY need to improve your networking. There’s a good wiki page on how Valve does it in Source (mainly for FPS games, but can still be applied here. It talks about things like prediction, compensation, and interpolation.

You can read it here:


Sounds good, I just want to ask you if you are in the US (or if in any diff continent) and yeah I agree the networking needs some work. Does swordbattle or realmz run better for you? 200 ping shouldn’t be unplayable with proper prediction and stuff


P.S. When you guys finally figure out a solution, please implement it on SB and too, everyone would have a great time.

I am not in the US, I live in the Middle East. Swordbattle and Realmz both run at about 200ms. And while it is still very noticable and very annoying, it is somewhat playable (especially in swordbattle).

Other video games run almost perfectly with 200ms (Minecraft, Battlefield 1, Insurgency Sandstorm, and Krunker web being good examples).

p.s.’s performance seems to run way worse with multiple people. When playing alone, I have pretty regular performance. But with 1 - 2 extra players, it starts stuttering and becomes quite unplayable despite no change in ping or fps.

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Speedometer being exagerated is fine, but in it for some reason registers like 50mph when slow and 20mph when fast.

There thats probably one of the issues, are the europe servers any better?

Well a lot of the popular games have servers in Dubai or at least eastern europe like Russia which are still big gaming markets, I know optimization is a major factor but that’s why these issues go unnoticed by players in like USA. Ty for bringing this up and I’ll be polishing it up soon

control is too hard because it’s hard to back up and it gets boring very quickly

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