game sponsor idea for swordbattle

@gautam this post is mainly for you

I have been making roblox games and modelling avatar items for a while. I finally got UGC access on roblox so i can upload avatar items. My thoughts were I can upload free avatar items to a game i will make about sb, both the avatar items and the game will be based or copied in a way ig from sb,

The issues:

  1. There are DMCA strikes for copyright, i would need a document of some kind idk i will look more into it.

  2. I need the 2nd premium level to make it onsale, $10.00 a month, but i really only need it for 1 month for this.

  3. I wont be able to make that many copies of the item(s) because of how much robux i have rn (100 for 1 copy)

My thoughts, I can wait till my uncle and aunt leave for my cousins neck surgery and ask my grandfather for premium, but that would take like a month, my 2nd thought, @gautam pays for it on my acc, or he makes his own acc and verifies his ID and buys premium, and I would send the files of the items to him, the problem with that, he would have to spend more than $10.00 for the amount of robux to upload + put onsale + UGC limited… (on my acc i have enough tho) My final thought is that the community puts in like $12.00 for gautam and he uses that to but premium, idk let me know ur thoughts below, and @gautam if u approve

It would prob take about a month to make the game considering how much i am on the computer rn, I was thinking the sb sword as a prize…

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