getting better at pvp...directed by AI!


for me it did, thats how i was getting kills so quick

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i feel like your posts are always very long. I wish you included a tldr at the end of your posts for the lazy people who dont want to read a whole essay… @_@

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( be serious tho )

ye it was just a fun post

actually, great idea!

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dont trust AI
They’re after us, be very careful.

Sounds like something… an AI would say

are you an ai?? huh?! are you hiding from us??

muahaha i will sever your neural connections


:running_man: RUN!!

:runs to the other end of the world after seeing the look on @A-bot’s face:

and here if we look at forums news we see a man running 100 mph across the world even running on wa- HOW IS HE RUNNING ON WATER?!

POV: me when seeing a demon across the world