Getting Top 100 for the 3rd Time! (We win theese :DDD)

I’ve spent the last two days grinding on my second alt account to get that final push to top 100, and I’ve finally done it!

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 9.45.12 AM

I am now 3% of the leaderboard >:D
1 account being top 10, another being top 50, and this final one being top 100.

With how busy school has been, I likely won’t be able to grind much to maintain my rank as #6. This is probably going to be my peak in terms of rankings. With the rate that coolguy and Wasd/Penguin been grinding at, I’ll be moving down to rank 8 real soon. I’ll likely keep grinding on “S h a d o w” to secure this top 100 ranking for a while.

I think it’s pretty insane that this is my third time reaching top 100, something that is only done once for most ranked players. If you’re wondering what motivated me to do this: I dunno, I thought it would be funny :slight_smile:.

Though I haven’t shared these accounts to anyone and have been grinding on these accounts by myself, I couldn’t have done it without the support and generosity from all my friends. Thank you :heart:

Additional Screenshots:


Man it is kinda sad to know that you’re at your peak ;( but nevertheless congrats on your third top #100!


Wow congrats


XD play realmz now!!

Also good job, dw wasd won’t catch up to you for at least 1 more week

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Nein we should let shadow keep his place for a little while longer

Eh I need to grind other accounts anyways

Nononono, you guys should pass me. Don’t hold yourself back.
I don’t mind going down on the leaderboard at all. My time has come :slight_smile:

You should do it a fourth time.

No, my poor grades would suffer.


@saw almost there

Welp, I lied! After some user got removed from the leaderboard and after a bit of grinding to pass coolguy (who had recently passed me), I’ve hit a new milestone!

Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 5.44.32 PM

Other Screenshots

I do have a rather ambitious goal in mind, which I will try to work towards over spring break in hopes of achieving it. And that means a quite a bit of grinding :augh:. Idk how you guys do it.

Congrates congrats

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Woo hooo shadow!

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Shadow is grinding another acc right now

I’m trying to work toward getting top 100 for the 3rd time
{UN} Penguin #11 right now (num is very close but it doesn’t really matter because 200k away from #10)
Play realmz io #67 right now (200k away from #50)
Yorushika- new acc i made yesterday 600k away from #100, This is a troll account to see if using a default skin with a unusual name (aka my favourite music group) will make me get targeted (which i was yesterday, a 4v1 that I could of won if I played the right cards but unfortunatly had to leave)

I also grinded 900k for Wasd but doesn’t really count I think

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