gift card giveaway

5 dolar :money_mouth_face:

Me :heart_eyes:

so how do u win just flex?
Screenshot 2024-05-02 9.10.39 PM
light work ngl

don’t ask how i got ONLY 8K kills twice my plays count also in 420DAYS

Oh wOW MinIoIN YoU OnLy HAve 267 LvlS Im BeTTer!
stfu I’m not wasting 5 hours for to be in lvls leaderbored 2 lazy
I’ll rather go for 300 kill streak

I dont think anyone said that

do i qualify

Giv it to me rite now

No, I don’t think you do.


im not sure if i meet the req but i joined regardless

me with twice the kd and half the playtime

ur always on alts

I change my name. I dont have any other accounts

or guest u never log in

um I do. I set my skin as blue :skull:

but the last i checked u couldn’t even summon ancient warrior with ur alt

um I literally just summoned the eye :joy:

i smell a sthm

whats a sthm