Give skins ability

  • Adding ability to skins would be nice
  • Nope
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Example = Fox skin can camouflage for 2 seconds Cool down is one min
Example = Thief Skin can steal 5% of the players gold (it has to touch the other body) cool down is five min
Example = Angel skin can heal 50% health insistently Cool down is five min
Example = Lava skin does burning damage to other players after hit no cool down but burning damage doesnt do alot of damage
Example = Glitch skin able to teleport to a random place nearby cool down is 4 min
The better the skin the more powerful the ability would be

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This has been talked about and the answer is this would let older players more op my opinion is this game should only measure your skill not how many coins you saved


getting more coins means you have to kill more players and playing more means you’ll be better

i think it would make the game more fun

In my opinion this would ruin the game’s specs, and alot of people would probably quit because the people who can’t afford the good skins to some of the good powerups/powers will be mad/sad and it wouldn’t be fair.


then whats the point of getting skins?

This is actually a good idea. Love it

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everything get covered when you elove but your sword

I hate this idea.

Firstly way to unfair and players will leave
Second this will be more work for me…

And coder said no


it’ll be more fun

You never give up do you :rofl:


its gives skins value

They have value looks! Also what’s that thing on the buy button the coins they’re worth! Aka there value!


Ruins the skill aspect, coins are just meant for fun and cosmetics.


It’s a cool idea but I feel like it would ruin the game

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Yeah I guess

Then it would pay to win but not with a lot of money if you grind you have and it wouldn’t be fair to new players or players in general

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Everyone already stated my main points, no this won’t be added.

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