Giving Manage the "devotee" badge

This is a letter to @gautam and the community,
Manage alleges that he has been on the forum for 365 consecutively but did not get the badge because you suspended him for a couple of days.
Please manually give him manage the devotee badge

From Penguinlord561
Mitbald Stan Member


What did he get suspended for? If the suspension wasn’t undeserved then the badge shouldn’t be given, else thats kinda unfair

gautam banned manage as a joke

No there is one other time that has a reason that is up to them to tell you

I guess i forgot about that time

Yeah well it was smth that you had a low chance of seeing

It was not for “a joke”

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allegedly idk if it’s true

You need to stop with being so elusive with these type of comments I need to know

I was on for 365 days and ban couldve been a silence but gautam was feeling mean. Anyways, july 20th ish trust

Eh it’s up to em to tell

Can’t manually give it I think. May be wrong

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bro he can’t not be elusive it is his thing

I support the “Mitbald stan member”

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Any mod can give any badge to themselves and anyone else but we don’t

Mitbald you’re back!! I was concerned because you weren’t active for almost a month!!

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