Glitch that I found

Iwas in the skin shop to check if anybody had bought the dragon, when I saw this.

(I don’t usually buy skins)

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Lol okay then.

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What is the glitch, am I just blind or do I need to buy skins more?

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what is the glitch?

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It’s that the price for the sponge skin is more than the vortex skin, even though the sponge is to the left of the vortex skin. (More expensive skins are supposed to be to the right.)



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IT GOES 250 TO 200

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Thank you for telling me.

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i think that has been there and how the price was setup dont know i cant tell though has someone here not bought the whole top shelf of skins?


I think I remember it not being that way, otherwise I would have posted this earlier, but I’m not sure.

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Hehe sry abt tht

Bruh thats cap. No way

You can check.

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