Glory Island

So this is basically a game where you have to invade the whole Glory Island. You start with 100 coins and one unoccupied city (if there’s none left then you don’t get a city).

How to play
If you want to join, just ask. You can trade and fight in this game.

West-North Island
North Island
East-North Island
Harsh deserts
Death Forest (West)
Death Forest (East)
Mount. Loresty
Quartz Mine

Soldier: $25
Water bottle: $1
Chicken leg: $4
Sword: $10
Battleaxe: $20
Flail: $20
Wand: $200
One Bottle of Fatal Poison: $30
Pickaxe: $10
Gold mine: $75


Seems a bit like SBWM
but ill join!


Can I take the East-North Island?


Everyone’s copying SBWM at this point. :laughing:


ooh I want the centre!!

can I have the death eastern forest

this one please


Quartz Mine

i desire this one

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SBWM pt 3.

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Yep. You also have $100. Do you wanna buy anything?

Yep you got it.

Ok you have it

You now own it

East-North Island: _AH_F1NN96
Centre: MV_Penguin神561
Death Forest: Caesar_Augustus
West-North Island: Octopi_Cosmos
Quartz Mine: W𝘢𝘴𝘥

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not yet…

Hmm I have 100 bucks, right? I want to buy one bottle of fatal poison and drink it. I love drinking poison

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I’ll buy a gold mine & picaxe

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Ok that costs $85 so now you have $15 and do you want to go mining?

If you drink fatal poison you just kill yourself and I don’t think you want to do that but still do you want to buy the poison?

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Yeah drinking poison is my thing, if I die for it I’m fine, give the rest of my money to fake wasd, @SNORP.

can I have the west death forest too since nobody owns it? also, can I buy a gold mine and a pickaxe?