Goodbye (3RG3R)

Hi you all… This will probably be my last time talking to you… I am risking being on the forum right now… My uncle has an app to see whatever I am doing on my chromebook, ik how to disable it, but that could get me expelled from my school…

I might be online on the weekends but with 30 minutes of free time for anything that is on the computer (Includes music and reading online) it might be hard… I will prob still chat glaceon, since Ik shadowblade irl, I am hoping I can chat with him too

Thank you @Uri @incognitoes @𝕻𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖔𝖒 for being great friends…

And thank you @Shadowblade for helping me with stress

prob will be more depressed without forum… :sob:


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Will miss you… :sob:



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NOOOOOOOooo @3RG3R why you gone too :augh: and i never deleted the group i just never responded i sorry.

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I will miss you :sob:

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noo thats so saddd i will miss u… :[

but i hope u find your peace irl. it always happens eventually… :]


bye 34g3r, we’ll miss you… :saluting_face:

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Cya erger wish you luck!

welp this ain’t new.

I’ll miss you a lot. Take care of yourself bro :heart:

Please visit whenever you get the chance :slight_smile:

Edit: Wait he’s staying. I somehow missed this topic.

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See ya…

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Alright, just an update on this.

3R will now truly be inactive on the forum. I’m still able to keep in touch with him, but I will miss his presence here on the forum.

Thank you my friend 3R for all the good times and wonderful memories. :saluting_face:

He wrote this final message to all of you :slight_smile: :

Hi ya’ll I will miss you all, I am saying goodbye for now, the forum got blocked so i can no longer go on it. Thanks to shadowblade for making this post. I love you all and I will miss you. If you want to keep in contact with me, let shadowblade know, he will email me who it is and i will decide if i trust them enough with my email. Goodbye ya’ll


could i have his discord (if he has one)

I have asked him for his Discord, but unfortunately he is unable to use it. I’m only keeping in touch with him through email.

If you’d like to keep in touch with him as well, by all means, let me know so I will let him know. :slight_smile:

damn, im gonna miss you bro.


Sad :pensive: also I don’t think it’s really worth making a post about it so I will let you know here, I am not going to be on forum 24/7 anymore. 15 mins a day probably but I will try to respond to all dms

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