Goodbye (for real this time)

What is a legacy? Is it something you give someone? Is it a tangible object? Or is it something else, something different entirely? That also raises the question, what is my legacy? What am I going to leave behind?

I’m not good at art like Slap or Frumpy. I’m not as good at coding as Hue, Bread, or gautam. I’m not good at coming up with ideas either, like Hamm, Shinobi, or Cayden. Heck, I’m not even good at the point this forum is here, swordbattle! Ask Acol, Angel, or Loler for that.

My gimmick, my whole identity is writing. It’s the only thing that makes me stand out. But I’m not even the best writer on this forum. Nukes, Wasd, Glaceon, they all match me, if not completely outshine my writing skills.

So what’s special about me? Me, an ADHD, procastinating, stupid student who can’t even make a singular friend other than random faceless strangers on the internet and @CK_UN_XV_Tranxivity (ik him irl)? What’s so special?


Moving on, my grades are slowly getting worse. I’m addicted to this forum. So, as this is really unhealthy for me, I’m leaving. As for the Siege of Stories, @Shadowblade and @Caesar_Augustus will be taking over. For SBWM, @𝕱1𝕹𝕹 will take over Arcania, with the 10 stats being taken away being 5 navy and 5 RPM. And as for TGFB?

I’m going out with a bang.

TGFB lore for Faraway_Flame’s death:

F1NN96, with a grave look on his face, said nothing as he slowly walked down the spire, seemingly carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders. As he approached the bottom, F1NN looked at the various bodies of scarecrows littered on the ground.

Time seemed to slow as he saw Faraway_Flame battling the last scarecrow, using a secret martial art reserved for battle generals that combined the raw utility and power of fire and massive amounts of agility to dance around opponents, mowing them down with ease.

Needless to say, Flame finished off the lone scarecrow with ease. “How did you kill them all,” said F1NN, more of a statement than a question. Flame, not realizing this, replied, “Well, I didn’t become the general of the fire mages for nothing.”

“You must have seen the house from up there in the spire. Where is it?” asked Flame. F1NN pointed in a vague direction gravely. The travel back was a lot faster than the first, with less scarecrow encounters as well. In no time, the duo was back at the house, right where they had started.

“Stay here. I’ll go in and see if the shadow’s still there.” Flame crept in, shutting the door quietly behind him. Minutes later, Flame opened the door. “All clea-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Flame was grabbed by his neck by shadowy hands, back in the house. F1NN ran after him. He punched and kicked the shadow, but all of his attempts were futile. His hands and legs passed right through it.

Finally, Flame broke free. He danced around the shadow, casting various fire spells at it. It was the only thing that affected the shadow, the flames lingering in places they had struck. Suddenly, Flame looked at F1NN and said “Carry on my legacy, will ya?” and struck him with a kick powered by flames, with the force of a rocket. F1NN was blasted out of the doorway, the kick flinging him a good sixty feet away from the house.

The force of the kick, though, was nothing compared to the force of the explosion. It eviscerated everything near the house, leaving a huge crater. At the bottom of the crater, a portal to hell opened, because of the sheer force of the flames. The house, unharmed, fell through the portal. Flame wasn’t as lucky.

The explosion required so much power, so much force, that it sent Flame careening to F1NN.

“Apocalyptic Hunters forever,” said Flame, his life force fading. F1NN lay on the ground with Flame, dazed, as Faraway_Flame exploded into a small burst of flames, leaving a single, glowing feather on the ground.

Unluckily, the shadow was not dead. It would take it 3-4 months to recover, but for the time being, it was severely weakened.

But after it had restored its power, the REAL fun would start.


Oh man…
Will you be back?

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maybe, maybe not

next year maybe


Next year is so far away though :frowning:
It’s a dang shame to see you go.
You’ll be remembered man :saluting_face:


ight, goodbye person ive never talked to before

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It’s sad that so many people’s grades are suffering from this. I get that the forum can be addicting, and everyone should focus more on school, but I wish people could find more of a balance so they wouldn’t start leaving. Also, coder… FINSIH V2 ASAP

I hope you come back though. :slightly_frowning_face:


Goodbye… It was nice knowing you for the short period of time I knew you… Hope to see you again.

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COUGH me and slap COUGH

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byeeeeee nice to know you

cries and sobs

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Noooo… It was an honor.

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good choice, if you dont come back, enjoy your life and never give up. Remember if you want to come back were here for you. Thats all shinobi has to say : )

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tying up some loose ends

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wait… why isn’t this post on latest?

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It’s sad to see you go, I didn’t know you that well but it was really fun having you here in the forum hopefully we will get to see you again

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Hey, @Slapadabass, when did this get unlisted?

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I look forward to your return

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