Goofy ahh clan

Idk what to name it but the requirements are

– over 50m xp
– over 1k kills
– killed coder in game (in
– below top 30
– play sb
– also know the password to jeff bazos bank

Blockquote – also know how to translate “ruxruxgkxtkckcgkgo6xrix h kh kh vk v jvvkvk fjzfnxif kgv g ig gk hl igckv ud,gk lh lh ig gj lh vgi ig iv gi igxuez”

Please message if you consider joining

I’m pretty sure that there aren’t that many people who meet your requirements.

and any who do are already in a clan or wanna remain solo

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Theae requirements make me wanna join but then again, i have a better clan and it would mean following you…

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I know

@Number1 how much xp do have???

Like 60m


@Number1 name it “Sucky Clan or SC”

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