grinding milestone...

so today…i grinded a bit more, to try to get a little farther in my goal to reach top 100…

and i realized…that just two days ago, i was #185 of all time.

but now?

#160. which means i’ve progressed 25 places in just two days! not much for some people, but for me it’s a lot, especially because i dont grind (until now ig??)


good job!

want me to help with the process?

i was 99 place and after like 3 4 hours of grinding I was at 89, rn I’m at 86 place, so that reward prob goes to me :ice_cube:

(oh me and u got the same lol)

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nice, also its cool that we got the same number of stabs xd

that would be great, tysm!!

Nice, its probably because of v2 and the reset (not saying that you didnt do any work, but it definitly helped.


Awesome!, I am currently #185

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thats really cool! i used to be just one rank above you!

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I am trying for one 200,000 run a day, how long do you think it will take me to make leader board

a couple of days? idrk

I did a little math :heavy_plus_sign: , and to get 200,000 XP you need to do about, 20 days of this routine

Top lightwork ._.

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