Grinding to Top 100 | Part 1

I Stopped Playing After a Reached 20M XP bc I felt like I needed rest after getting to such a big number now I’m back on the grind to top 100, I just need to get 5M ti 6M More XP then ill be at 100th or 101th place, but I know I’m not a grinder I’m a Killer so it’ll take about 4 days to gain up to 6M XP, (f I’m not lazy) so I’m starting the grind tomorrow since today’s a little to late already

So Who Will Help Me?

  • I WIll!
  • Nah
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(inspired by My Grind Update 4 )

We can get there together I’m at 20M rn too

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im at 21M rn but ill continue to hardly grind tomorrow

put this in the section

it is :skull:

Ill definitely help you.


it wasn’t before it was in the chill corner section.

Im at 50mil somethin-


Get on my level

My alt has 60mil…

Hm what abt mines?

:skull: pog

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