Guy i have a bit of a problem or something i discover

okay so technically i down load a backup thing from the forum right i open the files and click token log and then i saw my IP which is fine but then all of the sudden i saw someone else IP in my token and i don’t think that normal and it end with ..**.234 and it’s no mine and there load of other IP that is not mine here a picture:

it’s possible that you have more than one and they could all be yours but according to google its normal to have more than one ip address in a token log if more than one person is on it.

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but here the thing i never never use other IP other than my home so i don’t think is mines

am the only one who use it

plus i have a flash drive full with ip

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If you do you understand how ip works and can guess it is because of you being on a different WiFi being the most likely reason for a change in ip

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if you work for a hacker group then wich hacker group is it?

but i never change wifi at all i use my own wifi and same IP i know how IP work but this is different

Take this to PMs, it’s not related to the topic lol.

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sorry but i can not give you that information


If so then go to security that should show what devices have been used to log into your account