Guys can u recommend me a good skin for 1v1 under 3m

its only under 3m because if my skin is gonna come out i need money left

What do you mean by “good skin for 1v1”? As people have mentioned here before, skins don’t change hitbox sizes, if that’s what you’re wondering. So skins shouldn’t affect your performance in 1v1s.

Just pick whichever skin you like best.



but isnt storm a longer sword

It does seem longer, but again, it’s the same hitbox as the default sword. If it makes you feel more confident while 1v1ing, then by all means, use it.

By the way, even if the hitboxes are different (which they aren’t), know that there are more important aspects to 1v1ing than sword size, such as timing, evasion, predicting, etc. An unevolved player can take down a juggernaut if they’ve perfected these things.


well then can u recommend me a skin?

I would say the solar system skin since although the hit box is the same imo it helps me visualise the hit box more

how does the entire skin look like?

Chaos skin or syth skin storm sword is a bit long reaching to the tip of its hit box but it’s also really thin so it is hard to gauge the entire hit box unless you have it memorized

wait are those skins under 3m



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