Guys come on usa rn VVERRY IMPORTANT

UM hurry before u miss it
There is ice in the lava boime.
Im at top right corner usa
Can’t get a pic because cam isn’t working

That happens man :skull:

A lot of us has seen that. It’s uncommon, but not that rare. I’ve also seen a pond in the lava biome.


You know for realtime events like this, your suppose to post this in chats rather as a topic??

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this is unreal i will cry if i saw this irl

This always happens it happens to mobs too and even the bosses

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Bros actin like he just won the lottery.

I would be confused if I saw an ice spike next to flowing lava irl tbh

i did got $100 in paper

Well I got 1,000$ in cardboard.


I always see thisphappen the rarest thing I’ve seen is the Ice boss in lava area >:)

ya fr like burhhhuhuhuuh hopopopo ohonnonono SSUAUSAUSUASU EPEIIICCC C C MOOMOMEOentnt

erm what the sigma

erm hi monkeeee

i dont know you lil bro :joy: (im jk hi oy :)) )

im offended man im not lil im a big oy >:)

get it boy oy :joy: