Guys I added someone else to the forum!

His name is @_LC_RealBBC
Make him feel welcome!

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Well I say hi to him and hope he likes it here!


Welcome to the Ribbit! :frog: forum!

Uh, what is that name?? :skull:

dont forget to use the invite function

??? How do u do that? What I mean is like I went up to him (irl) and showed him how to do stuff on forum and signed him in.

IO Games Forum this is an invite link

and to use the invite function

Wdym it stand for the British Broadcasting Company I think


Corporation, but yeah

what else is possible??

Uhh, nothing… :sweat_smile:

Corporation like slap said I don’t remember clearly

(Never tell them, please)


well, being innocent is sure fun!

I guess so but it makes me think people won’t take me seriously sometimes

I take you seriously. I will seriously take you to my basement where I wi-I mean what?

Anyways! What was I talking about? Ribbit! :frog: Oh yeah! We all take you seriously, don’t worry :)

Hey I’ll send Tim in my basement on you if you keep acting sus

yeah but for me its a different reason

though I am innocent I have knowledge and experiences that no one else does which cancels out with being innocent :)

Oh… I see very interessant


whys he black?