has the community changed? and is the old or new sb better?

so i read @gvost’s topic about witherking…and one part caught on specifically, which is the part where he mentioned this:

and, that made me wonder…sure, sb’s changes have benefited the game in a ton of really good ways. i think, personally, it made sb a ton more fun.

but i also think that with these changes, the community has changed. and like gvost said, people try a lot harder now, and i think that takes away from the fun of it. i go on swordbattle.io to chill and have a fun time, (mostly) not to no-life grind or get 5v1ed.

so, that begs the question, overall, is sb v1 or v2 better? even i dont know. many have their pros and cons, but i wish sometimes for v1’s community.


80% of the new players are garbage

“put us OGs to shame” yeah by 4v1ing them


Skill issue on ghost’s part, none of the new players are good. I kill teamers on a daily basis

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old sb and wither said bassically the same thing as me.


I feel like its the other way around, (I’m not new but…) I always get killed by OG’s rather than new players

Swordbattle Community is the same it is just that they have enough brain cells to actually team and fight back instead of getting slaughtered one by one

Forum is meh at best


My friends join sometimes, they’re completely new and are really good, all I had to tell them was that you don’t have to be right next to someone to hit them.

guess they’re part of that 20%