Hear me out(Nukes president campaign)

So, as most of you know, there has been a forum election announced by the wonderful @Hue himself.
He encouraged members to sign up and run for the position they desired most.
When I looked at who had signed up for each role, there were only two who had signed up for president: Angel and Bread. Two of the most popular and influential players in the community, not only on the forum but also in game. Everyone else had run for other roles to better their chances at winning, but all the people I wanted to be president had not run. So I decided I would run, not because I wanted to be president, but because I wanted someone other than the two current options to be president.

shortest speech

Nuke is best president. vote me or sad. pls.

Short speech

The popularity system set in place won’t allow for personal growth in the individual new players. I want to change that. It will become a popularity contest unless you vote for the person who you agree with, even if it’s not me. I will use my influence to bring attention to those who deserve it, rather than those who are #1. I can’t fix everything on my own, so i’ll need your help. Make your vote a statement of what you believe in, whatever that may be.

A Speech(recommended)

Do you remember your first day on swordbattle.io? Ignorant and unaware of the caring community that you were going to meet? Before you made your first skin, wrote your first post, or made your first million. When the first person you met would impact your original perspective of the community as a whole. The newbie in a group of already built friends. For most of us, it was hard to find our own place here. What we would be known for. What we would create. Who we would meet. The stories we’d create.

Now think, what kept you here? Was it the drama of two people bickering over who’s better at what, or who deserves moderator? Or was it the kind community that you wanted to be a part of? Hopefully the latter, so my point isn’t completely useless. If Angel or Bread were put in the presidential position, nothing would change. Just another title for Angel to put as reasons why she should get what she wants, or something else that bread could be put in their description. Don’t get me wrong, Bread is a dedicated member to this community that never brags about being “#1 at pvp”, or suspends people for personal reasons. Yet, Bread has had his share of the spotlight, and a taste of power over others. Whenever someone makes a post about joining, It’s always overtaken by some other topic, something that overshadows their post. A grudge, or toxic opinion that shuns new
players from the group.

So what I am proposing is that you consider not voting me, but voting against the system. Against the status quo that has been set as the standard for people like you and I. Don’t vote for me, vote for a better future of the forum. Vote against toxicity. Vote for a change, because we both know we can’t do this alone. Even if you don’t vote for me, take a stand for what’s right, and we can do anything we put our minds to.

actual speech(worked hard lol)

When i first started this game I was a nobody; Bad at pvp, No clout, and nothing to my name. I had 0 friends, XP, and clan members. I often played to meet new people and try to be recognized. That’s when I came across @ANGEL. She was everything I wanted to be. She was Infamous for her rank, clan, and above all her skill. No matter what you said, NO ONE was better. She beat loler, jar, W, and all the other great pvpers. She was my in game role model. When I tried to follow her and learn her ways, she shunned me for being a non. I was humiliated. That day I swore I would do everything in my power to be better. I created Fight Club: a clan with more active members than Clan Killers. I grinded XP at painful amounts of 1-3 Mil daily. I even beat her in pvp(I still consider her better). Yet due to the amount of time I’ve spent playing I’m considered a non(I joined in February). Then I realized the cold truth There is nothing you can do to earn respect other than to waste all your time away until you get recognized for your talents. No one can earn the appreciation the deserve unless they keep “relevant”.

Usually when someone runs for president in a club, for a country, or even in a forum group, a facade covers the person underneath, so when you look at them you only see the very best. I’ll admit, I have problems myself. I despise being ignored, I am arrogant, and I hate people who think they are better. But above all I hate bullies and liars. I hate fake promises, and impossible standards. I hate that no one cares who you are unless you’ve done something for them. I hate how silence you for opposing them, and will lie and cheat through influence to picture you as the bad guy. I hate how new players have to fight at least 2 pros at once if they want admins will to have a chance at anything higher than 20k. But when you hate like I have you might start to fall for the trap that has been set in motion. The trap that makes people waste hundreds of hours of their lives to feel good about themselves. The trap that makes you threaten someone you don’t like because they hurt you. The trap that causes debates over who’s better and who deserves what; who has a better skin creation and how many followers/likes can I farm from a single post. The only way out is OUT. Unless we do something to fix it.

Fundamentally, my dream is a fair change for the better in Swordbattle as a game, and as a forum community as a whole. We can’t achieve this by voting the same people that always get picked for anything they try. Otherwise there would be no chance for others to shine in the spotlight and reveal their true potential. As someone who has seen the new and the old of the community, I sympathize with both. The old forum members have proven themselves by loyalty, and deeply refined skill, whether that be in writing, pvp, art, or even the influence they gained. They have found a love for Swordbattle much deeper than most of us will ever find. Yet we will inhibit the growth of Swordbattle as a concept if we continue to squander the talents of those who have just discovered this haven of creativity and positivity. They will never be able to be part of the Swordbattle family that the veterans have created. Based on the approaches taken by my opposing candidates campaigns, I fear that I am the only one willing to work with you to make this dream a reality.

The truth is that none of the candidates that are running matter much to the future of the forum. You are what matters most. You are what decides what is next in the swordbattle story. Only you can make the change in the forum by voting what YOU want from it. Voting me won’t accomplish the dream I hope to share with you, only you can help with that. Voting me is just your statement. Your belief in the need for a change for the better of the future of swordbattle. I could care less who wins this presidency, as long as we can see the waves of improvement rippling off the shores of those who want to make the world a better place. If you don’t want to vote me that’s fine; but vote based on what you want for the forum, not what the candidates want from you. And if that does by some chance mean me, I welcome you with open arms to what I will try my hardest to make a better future of the forum. Happy stabbing, and thank you for taking the time to listen to some guy rant. “Make the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

even if u don't vote for me

If you don’t want to vote for me but still care about my opinion, here are some nerds that are also pretty cool dudes to vote
Bread(if not me)
KIller(super nice and dedicated dude)
Slapadabass(An incredible skin creator and friend to make)
Hamm(dedicated member of the community and a kind person to vent to)

(PS. this took me a while to write so please don’t spam report or shut this down for off topic responses(delete the irrelevant responses if you need to). If I hurt anyone, please let me know in Pm’s, and I’ll happily edit it accordingly.)


lmk if i have any typos, i didnt really check


You have a point. I definitely will at least consider voting you.


Thats all i ask


I bet i didnt make this flashy lookin enough. People have 0 attention span when it comes to wirting


I mean I can’t not vote for you after you wrote this essay




You have left me speechless I must say and about the “actual speech” part and where u said “she shunned me for being a non” I am sorry if u had felt that way I really am I didn’t mean to make u feel that way. I usually don’t rly communicate with the beginners and it has always been that way. Now the part where u said " That day I swore I would do everything in my power to be better." You already are better than me in your own ways can’t you see? You clearly wrote this whole thing with no problem meanwhile I would have been too lazy to write this much or even thought of this. Now now don’t get so hyped tht u beat me a few times in pvp. Also do I really brag abt being the #1 at pvp all the time? :flushed:


Sorry man, boss comes first…


I said address issues in pms


Whos boss?


Voting for elections coming soon!


That was beautiful.


You’re beautiful. :flushed:


Damn you went all out bro. This truly was one of the most delightful speeches I have ever read. I am not kidding when I say it rivals heartfelt books like Wonder. You have touched me deeply and moved me to tears. I am really, really proud to call you a friend.


Ty bro. Means a lot to me


Dude… its just politics…LOL


even better :)


nukes can i be ur campaigner


Hey, Nukes. I understand your speech, so can you understand mine? Before you vote Killer as your vice pres, i think you should read my post on the voting topic.