HELLLOOOO: This is for people that want a teammate or something like that

So…. Hello. This might not be a ‘worthy’ topic, so I apologize if it is not. So I’ll probably talk, and talk, and talk a lot so that a lot of stuff gets filled on this page. So it makes it look like I did :sparkles:work​:sparkles:. Ok, but anyways…

This is just for sb, but ig it can be also in the forum. I will be you fRiEnD no matter what. IF, i spin. Then we are good. (You have to spin back of course). And, from now on, if u ask me to team with you, I’ll do just that. Now. If you betray me, I’ll turn into a psychotic mad scientist jelly dude. As in, I will hunt u down until u apologize or… give me a cookie. That’s really all I had to say. ALSO. If u attack me. After I spin. U. R. Not. Friend. For now. If u aPoLoGiZe


a singular chocolate chip cookie sounds nice. Also thanks for clarifying this btw


Yeah!!! cookies are really good tho


even for distinguised gentleman

Indeed :cookie::moyai:

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idk your sb username

My sb name is the name that I have rn. (MILLION_JELLY12)

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indeed my good sir :coffee: :cookie: :moyai:

ill team

Thx guys! Personally, I believe that it is easier to grind with a partner, team, etc. So that’s why I made this too. Bc it’s also rlly fun to just hang out and talk so yeah

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  1. u r teammed with me
  2. i dont have cookies and i refuse to apoligize >:)))))))))))))))
  3. if i were to attack u u would be ded >:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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  1. True
  2. True
  3. True I’ve done it before myself as a prank when I changed my name to ranger for a bit

Yeah, I suck. But I’m saying is that I would just keep coming back. For revenge. No matter how many times I die. I am persistent

Yeah so you help them farm kills then?

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When you tried to do me what happened you died again? Roaching don’t work go to diffrent server and grind

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Screenshot 2023-01-14 1.33.53 AM

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Susss. I’m just sayin now

That was for tgfb