[HELP NEEDED] Get a Chance! {Swordbattle v3}

So this is fine? Dw I will just copy paste it on the full map I just drew this quickly


Yea thats great.

Note for every one drawing: You may also write next to something to reference something, for eg. u may write “tree” or “bush”
Using wasd’s example, thanks

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To make development faster, the deadline 2024-01-23T05:00:00Z2024-01-26T05:00:00Z is on friday! You can contact me if you need a bit more time, but proof of art will be asked.


:face_with_monocle: ahh yes the one thing we mostly truly lack is grass which is the reason why the forum is dead so we do the grass ahh yes :face_with_monocle: :british_virgin_islands: grass a tyoe of green hmm yes grass :face_with_monocle:

I tried to draw a dead tree but it didn’t work out well XD

P.S I don’t know what else to draw


Since u complaining so much, why don’t u design a map then?

Guys, the deadline is today! Pls, try to get ur submissions in. If u need extra time, pls pm me.

Idk what I could draw

Just try ur best lol, also harsh may have said it wrong, we’re looking for the best map idea/design, not the quality of the art.

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So we’re asking for different variations in the map, like trees, bushes, rocks, grass, and mountains. Sorry if harsh had misworded.

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well I have a design idea. maybe make the biomes “pools” and the map shows that specific biome.

Yes, mb for the miswording

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I feel like we need more biomes, as mentioned by others. I feel we should add in a desert, with cacti that can damage you when ran into it, and a swamp with a vine monster and/or chests that take longer to break because they are covered in the vines, but are worth more. But those are my (and my friends [SwordKing69]) ideas for the game.


Welcome to the forum and really good ideas @TKOM I will add more biomes soon once the playerbase grows


Hm,if you want to do a v3 i suggest implementing more grounded bosses in more grounded areas,maybe add in a grinding process where its high risk,high reward.

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i wish i could :sob: but the deadline already passed :skull:

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Dm me it, we got little submissions so we can accept more. :grimacing: