Help some one hacked me

Help some one hacked me

who has your pass?

You probably have a old session that never got “logged” out.

I don’t think some1 hacked you I am thinking that its tht bug

I’ve gotten that before, I don’t think it means you were hacked. But, change your pass just in case.

No one except F1NN96

only time that happens would be lagging out

did you lag out on your last run

I doubt it, the site isn’t perfect so there’s a good chance a bug like this could’ve occured.

A little I had bad internet for the past couple runs

That could be it.

ive played a good bit it seams like when you die it dose a good job of making sure you log out ive only had it where i lagged and it kept me out its with the server not getting data back

that’s not what I mean but…

Yeah there is a bug where ur chara stays in server and doesn’t leave until some1 kills it

probably why when you died or what ever the server didint get that data back

Are you on a proxy?

yeah i had that lol king one time messege me like you there and my dude had been there with 20k+ just slowly moving around the map for like 20 min XD

You guys we’re right it was probably just a glitch but I am changing my password you can close this topic

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