Hitlist: plz killl

See this kid right here

he is trash and whoever kills him gets to team with me.
he is absolute garbage(worst than I am btw)
he and these other kids just 6v1 me
he keep farming me

to all realmz.io players

KILL debesh7
KILL pitman

Bro lost his entire chance with one statement

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Put a bounty on me too

  1. no one wants to team with whoever tf you are(ur probably mid)
  2. then why do you need help killing him
  3. skill issue get better
  4. skill issue get better

cause I can’t take a 6v1

why do you need help killing these noobs :joy: its not that difficult buddy


you try to 6v1 them

I managed to kill 2 of them, but then they killed me and started farming me again

I already do that, and they stand no chance. :yawning_face:

good for you

r u DN~clapz??

Ill take the offer

lmao they r my xp containers lol
they r light work


bruh ur bad if u can’t 6v1 them lmao

narcissistic as hell but nah ima do my own thing

shut up lazor go touch grass you sweat