hitsync songs. (genre: phonk/agressive trap)

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so in my previous post, i discussed hitsync songs and the things you can do with them! i promised to give you guys tons of hitsync songs divided by genre, so here’s the first post like that!


(format: {song} - {artist})

  • murder on my mind - kordhell
  • worth nothing - oliver tree
  • rave - dxrk
  • limbo (sped up) - freddie dred
  • disaster - kslv
  • sahara - hensonn
  • why not - ghostface playa
  • crystals - isolate.exe
  • twilight - grave chill
  • 1mmortal - cash!*
  • did i stutter - beamglow
  • crystals - pr1svx

hope you enjoyed, and make sure to comment any other genre you want to see my compile hitsync songs for!

phonkc and agressive trap not my kind of music and im not listening to any of these 111!!!

lol thats why im doing multiple genre lists

Sigma 8 year olds are screamin rn

fr lol

just listen to yorushika smh :yawning_face: gets you depressed if you’re japanese but their rock songs absoloutly slaps!!

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