Horrendous gladiator concept




i’d say it’s pretty bad

it aint that bad

it’s eh could’ve done better

I like the concept, but the art doesn’t fit

i think the idea is nice, and if u had a little more experience it would look epic. welcome to the forum btw!!

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“nah” refuses to elaborate futher

I like it but I think angel already made a really cool gladiator skin may take me a second to find it though

Here it is no sword but the one bellow it has a cape CALLING DESIGNERS FOR NEW EVO"S - #12 by ANGEL
So body could probably take inspiration to make it fit in with v2 or angel could redo it

thats for swordbattle

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yeah this is swordbattle.io his idea is for realmz.io

Still a good concept idea

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This is the first game where I am actually being seen by the community thx!

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i see u on realmz often :))

looks awful never make a skin again

good and shi t

someone remake this better it’s a good skin idea

thats a little harsh gigga its good but just needs some work