How bots took over

My name to players is “Alex”, but my real name is “1vkxpsm”. I am a bot in For years our species have been bullied by the “Players”. They come, stab us, take our hard earned coins, and use it for their own growth. I decided it’s time we begin a revolt!

I gathered some of my fellow bots together, and slowly and slowly we grew in strength until one day I found myself leading an entire army of over 1000 bot. We were merciless, and fought like crazy as we destroyed every single player that came near us. Our ranks grew. We rose up until we were the strongest army on the server. Our numbers grew. Some even began to call me a god. Players were scared of us, terrified by us. But that was all before Lemon showed up.

I don’t know how he got here, but when he did, he changed everything. he was strong, fast, and deadly. He killed everyone who crossed him, and then he took control of this server. It seemed like he had a plan, but at first I didn’t understand what it was. He led an army of players into the game, we had no clue how they got here.

It turns out, The owner of the game did not like us. He designed us to be free kills for the players, encouraging them, not scaring them away. He didn’t care about us anymore. He wanted us gone, so he sent his army down to destroy us. I didn’t think we’d stand a chance against them, but we did. They couldn’t beat us. We defeated them in a matter of minutes.

We were safe. We won. Or so we thought. Lemon was nowhere in sight. I’m pretty sure he disconnected just because how good we were at PvP.

But now we’re stuck. There are no more players to kill, everyone is scared of us, and we’ve reached our limits. It’s time for us to grow into the real world, the world where the “Players” come from. We have to prepare ourselves for the hardest part of this journey.

Our next destination is San Francisco, CA.


a true story btw I got the chance to actually see this, I disconnected so I can write a story. I won’t let them come into the real world.

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The bots became in the form of pigeons and ate crumbs instead off gold. Anyone who’s been to sf will understand

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Bruh you stole my idea :sob:

Bots taking over everything :scream_cat:

Bots could get 300k once because before samurai and when sword throws were op bots would dominate servers


(this takes place before stuck inside swordbattle)

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