How dId angle get so mucH kills?

Me and shAdow and some other ppl where her slav- i mean she was are Commander and we let her spawn kill us till 1k
:sob: took 4 years

So like for 4 years of gl

womp womp


@ANGEL murder number1 the title spelt wrong, oh wait he already got murdered like 200 times

i know how, she was being helped by Doomslayer and a few other people spawn killing :]

Angel is mine not urs number1

Thanks, cuz its opposite day

Angel is mine. * Growls *

What you got a crush on her?

ummm :smirk:


shhhh… this is private

Gl on that one cause im 100 percent sure you wont get angel

You’re not being very private about it. Stop.


Also could make her uncomfortable


I’m just roleplaying…ok

Stop capping

m’i ton!

Keep this on topic.

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it says: “i’m not!”