How Do i join a clan?

i just joined this a few minutes ago and uhh how do you join a clan??

Uh I will give you a link

Just ask a clan leader to join a clan. Some clans have certain requirements to get into but all you have to do is ask. Look around for some clans you may be interested in joining.

MICROWAVE CLAN REQUIREMENTS If you want to Join MV You could Ask me Too 1v1

My next question how do i get a banner

on Replit Ask I got a banner

on Replit I got a banner

You have to wait until you get member. It is the second trust level. Unfortunately you are still TL0 but I’m sure that if you stay active long enough you’ll get there!

oh ok

clans might be added as an actual game feture in the v2 update

that would be Epic

I got no clan requirements >;3

what do you mean that
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