How fast do you type?

  • 1-20 WPM
  • 21-30 WPM
  • 31-40 WPM
  • 41-50 WPM
  • 51-60 WPM
  • 61-70 WPM
  • 71-80 WPM
  • 81-90 WPM
  • 91-99 WPM
  • 100+ WPM
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Just want to see if anyone on the forum is faster than me, would be glad to race you on nitrotype. : D

My stats:

Average: 98-108 WPM

Best on nitrotype: 122 [single moment, not race]
Monkeytype: 153 [10 words master difficulty]

PS: WPM is words per minute in case anyone is wondering.


Where is the negatives in truth I don’t know

avg around 90+


World average is 55-60 mins 80-90

I have a average wpm of 80 - 90 .

it really depends on my mood
if its important of something i want to do than i can type fast
if its useless than i cant type fast at all

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i type 40-70WPM

Around 40-60 wpm.


try nitrotype it is really innacurate unless u get used to it

Lol typing for that long is pretty hard, haven’t really tried endurance typing yet.

bro whos going 100 wpm :skull:

Il race u in nitrotype

36 wpm

average about 51 wpm

lemme retest rq


i tooks da test with a amazing 30 wpm beat that

Y’all are seriously slow. My average:

Accuracy: 98
WPM: 86

I have done before, and my firends!

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