How Harshit and his friends DESTROYED Me and Codergautam

It was a bright day in I was playing with a player called Harshit. We were fighting off hordes of enemy players, and it was going great, when suddenly Harshit hit me with the sword.

Then he hit me again, and then again! So many times! It felt like all my limbs had been cut off at once. The world slowed down to an unbearable crawl as I watched Harshit hack me over and over and over until I lost consciousness.

“Kya kar rahe ho!”, I yelled out in pain. I woke up on the ground and saw that I was surrounded by three other players: Akshay, Shashank, and Priyanka. They were all staring at me with their swords drawn.

Something was wrong. My senses told me something bad was happening. All three of them were smiling, and they seemed very happy about something. But why? Why would they smile while holding a sword in each hand?

“Ab maro!” Akshay said.

I tried to run away from them but could not move for some reason. I could feel a sharp pain in my arm, where Akshay had hit me, and blood was dripping onto the floor from my severed veins. Codergautam joined the game. He looked at us with fear in his eyes.

“Kya ho raha hai?” he asked, looking at our weapons.

“Meri madad karo” I said, my health dropping.

“Tum sab kahn hai?” Codergautam asked, looking at the players.

“Hamaari naam killers hai. Swordbattle hamari hoonga. Abhi ki baar, HAMARI SARKAAR. Hamare saath aao… ya maro” Priyanka said, smiling wider than ever before. She lunged forward towards me, her sword glinting in the sunlight.

“kya hoga…” I thought, trying to hide behind Codergautam.

Codergautam shouted, “Main aapse kabhi nahi judoonga!”

This made all 3 of them mad. They charged towards him and started hacking at him with their swords. His health dropped rapidly, and he fell unconscious right next to me.

“Tumne kya kaha?” Priyanka said, pointing her sword at codergautam.

She sliced him. He was gone.

I disconnected. I didn’t want to mess with these people, at least not until my army is ready.

To be continued.


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i am so confuse alwhb faoif?

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What does that mean?

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Is this in a different language?


i dont know i just hit random keys like this ef;ounv oq ere!

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Maybe tamil Priyanka is a Tamil name I’m pretty sure

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it is aribic i used the big gun google translate

Hahahaa main phir aa aonga aur unhe Kill karoonga

Agli bhaag kab ??

Oh ok I wonder why it’s arabic

Seems pretty hindi to me I don’t speak arabic

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Yea it says Hindi for yours

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i font etier but that is what google say for that but it also say that it means Dad once!

lol how u know i have a friend called akshay and i found some errors in the hindi, nice attempt tho
Paragraph 9 is supposed to be "Tum sab Kon ho?
Pragrpah 10, 2nd sentence its suppose to be “Swordbattle hamari hogi”


Rip too bad he deleted his accoubt

Also are there any mistakes in my hindi reply

The thing is mujhe hindi samaj hai, lekin bolna mushkil hai


yes only 2 mistakes
first sentence its suppose to be “Hahahaa main phir se aoonga aur unhe kill karoonga”
second sentence its suppose to be “Agli bhar kab?”


is this a true story?


So dramatic