How I killed Acol in

This is the true story of how I killed acol once.

It was a bright sunny day, in swordbattle land. I was decently big, at 10k. I was fighting acol, trading blows back to back…

I took out my sword, ready to strike him in the chest. I was just about to, when he spoke up again. “That’s right! You can’t let me die. So… I’m going to put you down now.”

“Don’t be stupid,” I said.

“Oh? Then why did you run away?”

“Because I don’t want to kill you!”

I had been holding back on purpose. After all, it wasn’t as though this guy really deserved a deathblow for what he’d done here. It wasn’t like I was an angel or anything. If I were truly serious about killing him, then I could have started by striking his head with my sword, but that would have been too easy. A life-or-death struggle between the two of us wasn’t worth much if there was no risk involved.

I swung, but he deftly dodged the attack and came at me with another slash from his knife. Now it was my turn to move aside. I threw my sword at him, a perfect hit in his chest. His health was really low now. As he fell forward onto one knee, his weapon dropped out of reach. I grabbed it and aimed it at him.

He looked up at me. “Now are you going to kill me?”


I ended him.



nice poeticism
haven’t killed him yet

Another story which is too much for my brain pls gib tldr

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acol are you there?

acol is alive!


I’ve killed acol in a far far far far far away dimension

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i have but that was when i used mouse and a nub.

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