How I killed ANGEL in

How I killed ANGEL

Once in swordbattle land I saw ANGEL on the top of the leaderboard, I ran away she got me into a corner and I asked to team. She said sure, we went around and found another boi to team with we went around killing anyone who attacked us and anyone who got over 10k.

Later when we were in the top left corner ANGEL attacked us for no reason, I struck back and so did the other teammate, but ANGEL was too mighty and killed my teammate quickly I got some of his coins, and ANGEL started attacking me.

Good thing my teammate got her into yellow health or I would have never written this story. I kept attacking we were each losing health but then I got some good combos in and finally got her to red health. But then she got me to red we were both one-shots. I dodged one of his swings by backing up and went in for the kill. She died and dropped all his coins.

Put more short stories in the comments.

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sry one problem ANGEL IS A SHE NOT HE

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sorry fixed

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the time i killed acol

long ago in swordbattle land i had this friend name sadrend and he was super nice originally we were not going team but acol had like 700k and it looked like no one was fighting him so i went in and attack

The attack did very little but i was a hit on acol! i couldn’t be less happy then out of the blue i started getting demolish by acol. And lord thank sadrend and went all out on acol blowing hits left and right it was so mega tht i didn’t know how i was going to kill him being #1 i though i was dead but then i went all out i was mad.

acol killed sadrend and i wasn’t planing on letting his sacrifice go in vain. i acted quickly not giving acol any time to heal Boom a direct hit i ended acol but i knew i didn’t have much time to celebreat bc ik acol was going to come back but one was enogh i just wist sadrend was there to see me kill him.

the full story i am still working on

Tldr: sadrern and cvefy teamed on me they. They both died at least once and then they got helped by Mazin and about 3 spammers. I rejoined and killed everyone on the map

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ur story is next and don’t worry i’ll tell them about how u ended me while @TigerLizzycgkck just watch me surfer

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wdym @FLARE

angel is easy to kill

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(Sniff) I am sadrend

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fr bc me and u best pvper

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