How many Alt accounts do you have

Hello my name is Niko or you might know me as Marrow_Earth:) i have a lot of Alt accounts and i am just curious is this normal and how many other people have alt accounts currently i have 18 half of which i forgot the passcode to but yeah.

why do u have 18!?!

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yes i do

John1,Henrydesantis,Magicmarrow7942,Magicmarrow:),Marrow_Earth:) to name a few

because i make people angry and they start spawn killing me

4 or 5

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About 3

I have 1 alt (: but I never played on it XD it’s just saving my old name in case I want to use it again


0, I have not had a use for any yet.


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i have 0


wow is rare to have alt accounts then


Well yea the only reason would be if you have one with someone or you are doing what cosmic dev are doing and bread who have a week for #3 bread is inactive now though

65 alts 80099banned

click me to see

Just joking

1 most people don’t know bout it…

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3 alt


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