How many minute/hours/days have you wasted on this site


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I wonder who has more than me
Screenshot 2022-11-17 12.43.08 PM

Screenshot 2022-11-17 3.01.44 PM

Screenshot 2022-11-17 3.08.46 PM

I need to get a life

the create skin topic is closed, I just made a skin and I can’t post it! If you have any information tell because i’m eager to post my new skin.

I’m doing better
Screenshot 2022-11-17 6.27.40 PM


  • 25 days visited

  • 18h read time

5 days, 9 hr read time.

That is int to bad

Here is mine :grimacing:

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Dang boi

I shall read for 5 days soon

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I wonder how much CoderGautam has…

I can get it

Here is coders


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3 hr read time

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still wasting hours