How Much Swordbattle Makes

So this is gonna be about how much Gautam MIGHT be making off swordbattle and forum

Main Data

we all know has over 1K players so making money of it wouldn’t be that hard

there is already a Ad on it but it never shows

(i wasn’t fast enough to take screenshot)

but it says “Loading Ad” but it never shows? it could be because no one wanted a ad there or there is but it just doesn’t show

Ads On Forum

There Ads Everywhere on Forum, but if you got the Ad blocker it wont show (wich i really recommend)
and every ad comes with money but this is how much its giving Guatam Maybe

So Each Ad Makes Guatam Around $0.60 - $1.00 Whole Dollar
and Each page we go to on Forum has at least 1 to 2 Ads

The Money Claimed

So Each Ad Comes with Money Based On How Valuable The Ad is

it’s like Tesla putting an ad on Fortnite, they will for sure pay a little more than planned because there 2 different categories
(yes i used the word categories)

So SB Forum is For So if we saw a Gucci Ad it would give Guatam/Forum a little more than usual

Forum And Ads

So Forum Obviously wasn’t made by Gautam, he used a Foram Maker(Like Other Forums Like Replit Ask, And Reddit)

So Each Ad That is Put On This Forum For a FACT half of the money is given to Forum
(if Guatam isn’t paying any monthly things for forum)

The People

Swordbattle Forum doesn’t always have all 1K+ users online so that cuts some of the money
Gautam gets and forum

So the less people that see the ads the less Gautam Gets


Gautam Gets Around

$300 to $600 Dollars a month

This took so long…


oops not done

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Are those 1000 people active? Also will it be per day per month or what?


He makes around 3,000$

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Screenshot 2023-05-24 2.36.16 PM


he said he got that 3K from replit bounties not monthly


per month

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This makes 0 sense and I will straight up tell you it’s way lower.


First, tell us.

wait how does it not make sense?

Like where do you get this info?

Again you just made this up

Thats an insane RPM it does not work this way


if you want to own a website you should know this things

I could have said it in a another way but I didn’t

depends on the ad it is

you don’t really understand

in a year from replit bountys :augh:


Excuse me you say I make $300 to $600 a month and you say I make $0.6 - $1 per ad so you’re basically saying totally I only have shown 500 ads per month and the forum has 1,000+ users and the game has 40,000+…

Answer my question where did you get this info


probbally his math i dont doubt that he did it his self maybe

dude their random people online every day so that means you won’t get the full amount of money because less people are seeing the ads, So that means the money you get Per Day is close to $10 and if you say with the random people online its close to $10- $20 a day so that means a week its around $50 to $70 and whats 70 x 4 weeks? its 280.

I did answer your question if you want more info, I know the info because I know how ads work? :technologist:

Sorry, thanks

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Or he could just show us…