How to “actually” earn coins

The small phase

You start as a small character, meanwhile big players are near you. Once you walk near a big player you will INSTANTLY die. Here are a few options to get bigger as a small player.

1: Go to a big player, attempt not to gather ANY coins and go inside the player. Click using the butterfly or jitter click method. Make sure to not let the player be able to throw the sword at you, by going behind the player.

2: Gathering chests and coins is another option, except the big players will take advantage by killing you. Go for the small chests, such as normal or green chests. Once you reach 2k coins go to a smaller player and keep killing them.

The middle phase

You’re finally able to revolve, after picking your option you are now able to kill more easily. Here are a few methods.

1: Go to a player with 2k more coins than you, click the star button and keep clicking at them. You only have a few seconds before your power disappears.

2: Kill smaller players, such as the 500-5k players. Grind until you get to your next revolution.

The Boss Phase

Your now one of the BIGGEST players in the game, there’s one method left…

1: Kill all the players, no matter their size, make sure to get your timing right when you click. Team with others and win the game together…



After 5k I think you should go for #1

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After 2k i go after people in second Evol and kill them unless i see a berserk or a tank interrupts me on the way and I kill then


if you aim to be #1 dont just start spamming people


I DO GET TO NUMBER 1 it is called pvp all you need is 5k then poof you got 25k


dont do it

Do what?

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