How to be good with hammer in

how do i use a hammer better, the hits are slow and i have to time them…

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You have to practice timing your hits, its hard to use but really powerful when you master it

Its not just timing, i played a timing pvp game for years and i know how to time my hits but dont you also have to hid your hammer?

You can do it without hiding your hammer

People can predict your hits and dash before the slow hammer can touch you, people max out their speed and dashes + jumps…

the only reliable and constant damage outputer is the swords

Keep auto attack on and always be in stealth unless you are doing something where you don’t want to be in it. When you want to attack, unstealth. This will allow you to easily attack normally whenever you want to without others being able to predict and know your reload. Keeping it on stealth also allows you to have the benefit of constant Ninja Mode which grants you a lot of extra speed too! Positioning and finding opportunities to attack is also a highly important skill to have in this weapon. For positioning, I’d recommend to stay on a flat or lower surface below your opponent as the attack from hammer goes above you. For opportunities, try attacking them when they are falling! This means it will take longer for them to get to the ground and get their jumps back. It also means that it may be possible to combo them if they make a mistake too! Finally, just like Future said, it is a really difficult weapon so if you keep on trying it for a long time and think it isn’t for you then that is okay if you want to change your main. I’m assuming you are already used to the distance of the weapon so I’ll leave you with that because I type too much.

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futurepear can i hav the old source code

im currently trying to make mods for realmz.

it would also be very helpful if u told me which language it was programmed in


Bruv got :nerd_face: 'ed

Yo mods!?!??!?!?!?

it’s javascript, obviously. I have the old erth-4 code, but will not hand it over unless daddy futurepear tells me to.

erm u didnt see anything



use champion, not paladin. and its just practice i guess