How to be good

Grind for 8hours lol

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ohhhh ok

quality content right here

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I just found this out of nowhere I was emailed and I have never seen this before. :confused:

Hi, you got that email because you were signed up for If you want to delete your account, please click on my name and send me a priv “Message”. Sorry about that!

Make your settings able to move mouse+keys so you can run and hit and avoid any smaller people for some reason they do like 10x damage and sometimes have spawn protect making them be able to combo hit you if they get near you and stay away from middle that’s where most new spawns are don’t get corner trapped by bigger players and just collect chests if you are running low on HP that’s about what I figured out in 2 life’s.

That’s possible! Just click on settings at the bottom left of the homepage, and set the Movement Mode to mouse.keys.

yeah me too, but this is cool

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don’t have a bad computer

17 fps is normal, right? right?



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yo hi

You can spam on the big guys and do a ton of damage ;)
Also be careful of those smol guys

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Your on a mobile/ipad device but where’s the joystick? how do you move? is this a bug

Mouse only control?


ye good tips :))

just use space for attack its easier and team up with other ppl