How to beat acol

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faxs i played agianist him i got sacred and ket hin kill me i don’t think he know but I also saw acol say god bless that kid. GUYS acol said smth nice

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i can’t remember what acol once said to me, but i think it was about me being a demon or smthing. either way, he didn’t kill me for about 20 seconds

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lucky but y is ur pfp hidden

idk maybe its cause of the wifi issues i’ve had?

he sed mastermind acol was forcing him to kill me

Just be me. I killed him. 2 times:):):). Didn’t die, like 40 times. Nope. Untrue. False. Rumors.

just two times?

Maybe 3

Idk how many times I killed him eh I kinda lost count

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i think i know but i dont wanna tell

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