how to counter yetis

so recently i made a post regarding the ice biome. in which resides…yetis. which can be very annoying at times, but in this post i’ll be showing you all how to counter yetis.

yetis can be annoying because whenever you try to attack them, they keep attacking you and you take damage if they touch you.

the catch? only from the front. so, just circle around and hit yetis when their head is facing away from you.

hope this helped you guys! (in pms and otherwise)


Yea, but u have to have open space and like the tenth upgrade on speed and idk if that is even better.

just use the water hack B) just bring them to the water and Hit Them Me and Skillzzz Did it today for some free coins, very good

Bros making random post

I mean I know you are number one, but if the game should grow PvP we need more content like this!!!

Or do you prefer to farm bots and spawn kills your friend groups for stats?!!

Owner posted 100 active users yesterday - EXCITING! The newbies will click forum and it is good to see activity and vet players throwing some tips!!!

Make more random posts as long as they are on topic they are super welcome.

I can describe what you told us in one word “murder”

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