How to Disable / Unbl0ck Securly for Chromebook [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

As a high school student annoyed with Securly, I have dedicated my time to finding a list of every single method you can byp4ss or unbl0ck this extension to access any site in school!

If you’re a student looking for a way to byp4ss Securly on your Chromebook, you’re in the right place!

This guide is packed with easy-to-follow steps ensuring you can safely find the information you need without getting into trouble.

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Try the methods one by one, hopefully you can find one that works! (Ordered from highest luck chance to least luck / unsafe)

Method 1

zec-c’s Securly-Kill V111 (BEST OPTION RN) by dragon731012, [cauDNS!]

usage instructions:

  1. Head to Dragon’s Vercel or my mirror
  2. head to chrome://network#state, and expand your most commonly used wifi networks then copy the contents
  3. Paste contents into the input field, and generate the file, then import it at the bottom of chrome://network#general

that should be it, you’ve successfully blocked multiple extensions

Method 2

Insecurly method

Try one of these sites:

Method 3

Adding ? to the end of the URL…

Looking in Securly’s code, one can find that Securly has some of the world’s most robust bl0cking system, but on line 913, there’s something peculiar.

if (-1 != e.url.indexOf("")) return onBeforeRequestListener(e);

This code means that, if any URL contains the text "" it will byp4ss all other checks and unbl0ck the website.

How to use this?

If you want to go to, go to instead
If you want to go to, go to instead

Even though it’s not the website itself, since it contains that in the URL, your website should work normally. This is one of the safest to use and recommended, although it might get patched soon.

Method 4

Bookmark method

  1. right click the bookmarks bar
  2. click add page
  3. on the URL part write: chrome://restart
  4. you can rename the page you created anything you want
  5. go to some random game on google but to not click the game link quite yet.
  6. turn off your internet connection
  7. click the game link
  8. turn on internet and quickly click the bookmark you created.
  9. it should let you in but if it doesn’t try again.

Method 5

Side panel method

  1. Open chrome://flags/#unified-side-panel and chrome://flags/#side-panel-web-view and set both to Enabled
  2. Restart and open the side panel
  3. Use the side panel to visit any site unbl0cked!

Method 6

Extension force close method (probably patched)

Go to chrome://inspect/#extensions and then find your extension. Click “inspect”. There will be a series of topics on the top, click “console”. Then, at the bottom there is a type pad. Write down: window.close(true) THEN BOOM. It’s gone. To reverse this, restart your computer.

Method 7

Linux developer mode

IMPORTANT!: There is a chance that the school has bl0cked linux on your device, if that is the case then the method will unfortunately will not work. In my case, it was bl0cked for a bit then they unbl0cked it for some reason.

Step 1: Go to settings and search Linux.

Step 2: Click enable developer environment.

Step 3: For the setup leave the defaults as they are.

Step 4: Wait for it to install.

Step 5: Go to the app library and look for a new folder called Linux apps

Step 6: Open the folder, and then open the app that says “terminal”

Step 7: Type in the following commands into the terminal (press enter to confirm commands)

sudo apt update

sudo apt install firefox-esr

If you see something along the lines of package not found, go on this website and install it. You can choose either version in the version section because despite version 91 having a lot of features it takes up more performance to something that’s already slow. (press LINUX version if it isn’t already set to that)

After you download it, go ahead and type in the second command again, you should see a confirmation.

Confirm that you want to install then wait for it to finish installing.

Step 8: Go back to the folder that says linux apps, now it should have an app named firefox or firefox-esr, which is the app we just installed.

Step 9: Open the app, now you have a fully unbl0cked browser.

Step 10: (optional but highly recommended) Go to settings in the app and search for history. Set never save history, this means that if a teacher or another person finds the app, they will find no history at all.

So yeah, at the end you should have an unbl0cked way of searching for stuff that also doesn’t leave your tracks behind. If you have a problem ask me I will do my best to answer. It is a bit slow since it is running on a VM but it is definitely usable.

Method 8

Use unbl0cker websites / proxies

Go to one of the following posts and see if you can find a working website which will allow you to visit any other website through the use of a pr0xy (really safe & simple, but hard to find a working site)

Post 1

Post 2

Method 9

Chromebook exploits

Use a chromebook exploit such as Skiovox to temporarily disable extensions. It’s pretty safe (if you can figure it out)

Instructions here:

Method 10 (your LAST resort)

Reset / Unmanage your chromebook.

1: Hold ESC+RELOAD+POWER to enter recovery mode

2: Wait for it to load then press CTRL+D

3: It will ask if you would like to turn off os verification then press ENTER

4: Wait, then it will say somthing like “To turn on os verification press ENTER”

5: Press ENTER

6: It will reboot

7: Press “Get Started”

8: Connect it to WiFi

9: when it gets to the “Enterprise enrollment” screen turn off the WiFi

10: It will try to enroll the device but fail

11: It will ask if you would like to try again or enter manual enrollment

12: Press the “Manual Enrollment” Button

13: Enter your google account info (Not Your Schools, Your Home Account)

14: It should boot into the login screen

15: Turn on WiFi

16: Login

17: Enjoy!


Don’t worry, we are constantly trying to find better and safer methods to help everyone byp4ss Securly! If you find any new method, make sure to join our community post it in the replies so more people can use it.

Make sure to keep checking this post since I always update it whenever a new method releases



I LOVE THIS POST, IT ACTUALLY WORKS METHOD 3 OMG TYSM, I have been trying to bypass Securly for almost 3 months now and this post saved me, thanks a lot!

dude your a legend it actually works I used this to get rid of securly thanks