How to fight big people in swordbattle? is filled with big and small people. I know there are a lot of pro players in this forum including @Acol and @ANGEL.

What are some of the tips you guys have for me so I can improve my pvp?


go for a green chest or regular chest first so you get some size and the go for larger chest once at 4k or 5k start cutting players down more to grow fast if you are good at pvp go for #1 on the board at this point or some other higher player and get them into a corner so they cant run other then that just play


as a certified pro myself, I know the best ways to pvp in First, your going to want to spam click #1, dont do it from behind, thats cowardly! Next once your quite big and have the 1st evo, you want to use it right away and go to where there are a bunch of big people. Where you get to 2nd evo, dont use it. it doesnt do anything. Finally to win the game, disconnect your internet router. Then your a cerified pro


Timing hits and not being tricked also be smart where the area you’re fighting in you don’t want to get trapped in one of the corners.


i do what angel said time my hits and wheneer I do get hit I shoot a sword and time it right again

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Yes or hit them with the sword then throw

do not spam click!
time your attacks

Try to be smart as my self I am pro and took a lot of teamer 1v3 me my strat is always hitting one pushing him back throw my scythe on the other then the thrid comes all give to more bigger number. But try to bait your enemy and let them hit and then when they are in the animation hit them and throw sword only hit sword if you are in the outskirts o the map


Timing hits is very key! I am still working on that.


ColoredHue: As a certified pro…spam click me: if u spam click ur called a roach or spammer timed hits are way better


dont spam click and time your strikes accurately

the smaller you are, the less time it takes for another strike to be done. don’t spam click. time your strikes accurately. the bigger you are, the longer the time it takes for another strike to be performed.

solution v2

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