How to get coins FAST [Guide] (tried and tested, with math as proof)

There are a few steps to this method.

  1. Get around 25k. You can do this as fast as you want it.

  2. Get an alt or a friend to be right next to you.

  3. Reload the page.

  4. Help your friend/alt get back to 25k.

  5. Get the friend/alt to reload the page.

  6. Repeat.

Here are the numbers to back it up:

Let’s assume it takes 45 seconds to get 1k. If so, then you get 5k (coins dropped is 20k, to get to 25k you need 5k) in around 225 seconds, or 3 minutes and 45 seconds. With a cushion of 15 seconds, it takes you 4 minutes to get 25k. This means it would take a regular person (and their friend/alt) around 16 min to get 100k, discounting setup time for the original 25k.

Additionally, boss spawns could help boost the productivity of the method. Someone could find a boss, kill it, get their friend/alt to get the coins, die, and cycle back until they are at 20-25k. This would give you an easy additional 150k-200k each, depending on the boss.

This is a well-known method by the community, so I decided to help newer players with this guide. Thanks, and CYA!


I’d do 50-60k instead especially since roku gives 50k and big yeti gives around 35k

Also I’m not sure but I think there might be a new coin drop equation


No not very efficent bc you get around 30k from 50k and you will have to grind 20k