how to get reach....{legit!}

so i was fooling around in sb…

and uh…

i found out a way to get legit reach. yeah.

well, here’s how to do it: basically, when you get hit, make sure to hit them a couple milliseconds (14 to be precise, timed using stopwatch) after they hit you so that you aren’t too far away that you cant hit them.

but how does this give you reach? well, when you hit, there is a really tiny delay between your click and your sword actually swinging.

so, what this will do is know that you hit your opponent when you did, but will onlyregister your hit on your opponent once you are already flying backwards from the knockback, giving reach.

so, what do you all think?

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Wait isn’t this just compensating for ping?

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i tried with a variety of ping on both ends

Oof, that’s gotta be pretty hard to get though.

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Mastered already thanks

yeah, once you get the timing pretty easy to get it down in my opinion

I ment i mastered it like 4 months ago

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