How to Grind Like A Pro!

Do you want coins? Do you like getting large amounts of coins?
Then look no further than this EPIC grinding guide!!

3 Tips To Grind More Efficiently

  1. Bring a Friend
    Although it’s not required, it’s still really helpful to bring a friend whenever you start grinding. Additionally, having some company and someone to talk to can help pass the time and ward off the inevitable boredom. (Another way to help cure boredom is listening to some of your favorite songs. :slight_smile: ) However, you should only bring ONE friend, because having too many people means more people to share coins among.

  2. Leave and Rejoin
    This is one of the steps where it’s really helpful to have a friend. What you want to do is go to a tree/bush (in somewhere you can remember the spot at), leave the game (and if you have a friend, have them guard the loot) and then rejoin the game and get the coins back. This is probably the best method I’ve found to getting coins fast. You probably want to leave and rejoin when you have about 50-60k coins. Note that this also prevents lag, as an added side effect!

  3. Touch Grass
    This is another thing that most people don’t really think about. Taking breaks is really important to your performance and your well-being! Make sure to touch some grass every 1-2 hours.


Brought to you by Microwave Clan. Encrispen your future today! :fire:


I did not read anything but are you a pro?

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no lmao
i mean im not bad at pvp and im pretty good at grinding


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dis dude is not telling the OG and some semi old players (me) what a pro should do lol


Beware you so called “pros”, our clan managed to grind 8m+ coins within a day.


either one person here has no life OR yall are shareing a account which idk if thats fair or not

gucci should be doing the same thing and if not then that’s their loss. this is a competition.

it is fair

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They are sharing lol

To be fair so is gucci clan (also please keep this on topic)

Here are my tips grind go for chest kill most people on site for free coins unless you know them then team or you kill them 7 times and the beg for team and don’t touch grass just grab a coke and get back to it

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Honestly I have not even touched out account… lol

good then you lose lol


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