How to make a voting poll in the forum!

A lot of people don’t know how to make a poll in the forum, which is very unfortunate.

This simple tutorial will show how you can create a poll, and recieve simple feedback from other users on the forum!

what is a poll?

A poll is a simple way for other forum users to vote on topics, based on their opinions. It can be used for many situations, for example “Should X feature be added?”. Users can cast their votes and see the results.

how to make one?

In the forum, it is very easy to make a poll.

First either press Reply to a topic or Create a new topic.

You should see a window like this

Now, press the SETTINGS button right underneath the tags box


Now, at the bottom, press “Build Poll”

This will open a box.


Please choose the type of poll you want to create:

Single Choice - People can choose only ONE choice. Either this OR that or etc…

Multiple choice - People can choose MULTIPLE options. Either this AND that AND etc…

After selecting the type of poll, add in your options.


Here is mine:


In my poll, people can either like broccoli OR carrots.

If I use multiple choice, people can like EITHER, OR BOTH.

This is an example of a multiple choice poll:

Here, you can choose between Broccoli, Carrots, or Spinach.

Since this is a multiple choice poll, you can choose MULTIPLE.

min and max options (only for multiple choice polls)

There is also max and min choices, which are ONLY ON MULTIPLE CHOICE polls

Minimum Choices - The user has to at least pick this many options

Since mine is one, they have to atleast pick one option.

Max choices - The user can’t pick more than this many choices:

Since mine is 2, they can pick one or two choices, but NOT all 3 of them…

inserting the poll

Now, press “insert poll” to insert the poll’s code into your forum.

And voila, create your topic / reply, and your poll should be active!

closing the poll

You can also close polls, by pressing the red “close” button.

Closing a poll will prevent other users from answering on it.



I hope this helped you learn how to create a poll in the forum. Please let me know below if you have any doubts.

There are also some more advanced options, which you can access by clicking the settings icon in the bottom right, but for this tutorial I will not be covering these. Please let me know if I should explain those as well.

Thanks for reading all the way, vote on this poll!!

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nice this will be make it beater next up is advanced tutorial :wink:

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where is the meh option?


There is no meh



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  • meh?
  • eh?
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Pretty self explanatory poll, we all know what the answer is. ; )

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  • Or
  • Java
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JavaScript is my best language still sad cause im still not that good


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