How to not be toxic [Official Guide 2024]

You should try to not be toxic so I made this guide to teach you how.

First why would you want to not be toxic? Simple, toxic people suck.

Ok heres the guide:

  1. Don’t insult people

  2. Dont spawnkill people

  3. Be respectful to people

  4. Idk if u cant not be toxic u need help


Choose the best answer and respond to this post with your answers and ill grade you. There might be multiple correct answers.

  1. You obliterate some random in a 1v1. What do you say to them?
    a: “Noob”
    b: nothing
    c: “you suck”
    d: “gg”

  2. You see a bunch of new players with low levels and you have lots of levels and can easily destroy them what do u do
    a: call them noobs and spawnkill them
    b: ignore them
    c: kill some of them
    d: teach them how to be toxic

  3. Some toxic guy is being toxic to you. How do you respond?
    a: Use every single cuss word you know against them
    b: say nothing and continue playing
    c: report to le futurepear for warning / chatban
    d: tell them u did their mom

4: You read someones idea for a feature on the forum but it isnt very good. How should you respond?
a: say nice ideas but could use some work
b: say the ideas are garbage
c: dm them and tell them to end themselves
d: say cool ideas and then build upon it

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  1. c
  2. a
  3. a
  4. c

Great job 4/4
Heres a :pear: for acing the quiz


Thank you! I am very non toxic

  1. a) and c) together
    2.a) and d) together
  2. a) and d) together
  3. b) and c) together

this quiz so easy imma get 4/4 frfr

SAY SOMETHING NICE because if you say nothing it hurts their ego the most. It thinks they’re not even worth acknowledging the kill

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You failed you toxic piece of #$##

You’re right but nobody is required to say anything

1 c and d at the same time if they didnt give me a good fight
2 A and while doing that they learn to be toxic
3 forbiden option pull their ip and send a pipe bomb to their home
4 C



Choose for 3. Else i will use the “D” in depends as your answer (d: tell them u did their mom)

A then

Using every single cuss word!??!?!

Probs if gautam agreees it must be fine

Bruh he edited it

  1. d
  2. c
  3. c
  4. a/d

Oh XD B then

Heres a :pear: for acing the quiz! :pear:

Heres a :grapes: for acing the quiz!!: :grapes: