How to not be toxic [Official Guide 2024]

nah im good
(me still gonna be toxic) :imp:

Being toxic isnt cool!!

ban him

I have some constructive critism for you: you suck


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Thx this very useful topic for me. Normally here’s what I would do:

  1. A or C
  2. C(only the ones I don’t know)
  3. A in someway
  4. B

But after reading this topic here’s what i’d do: :slight_smile:

  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. A
    Tell me that is a 4/4! Now where’s my fruit

Since none of these answers apply to me even though it tells me I need to choose the closest one that does work for me, I’m going to be making my own answers!

  1. e, do a quick analysis on their gameplay and “attempt” to teach them but then realize that they just want revenge.

  2. e, boy is it a good thing that I’m not using my normal username. Well basically this would be answer c but ALL is not SOME.

  3. e, tell them that they are a silly goose :>

  4. e, provide constructive criticism wherever possible. If you have read a couple of things that I have written on this platform thing-a-ma-jig, then you will probably know the sizable amount that I type.

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u should make a bunch of existing rules and new rules in the game next to leaderboard including spam toxicity

AYO? i would do something. but hey. this man give the proxys i stay silent big deal.

  1. b and d
  2. b
  3. b and c
  4. a and d