How to not die from acol or kill him

How to Survive from Acol:

if u hop on and acol is playing and u want to survive from him is to choose tank once lvl 5 reached then if u reach 20k then choose warrior and to survive from him is to not going into corners i’ve observed and saw that acol drags his opponent to the corners uses his powerup and kills them

How to kill Acol:

if u want to kill acol choose warrior and wait until he/they(if there are two acols) use their powerup and try to bring them to corners like when i tried to kill acol the other acol died and the main one survived and then acol used his powerup so then i used mine to kill him. Hope these tips help!


nah im not mad


lol nice tips but I already know all of these


wht im not mad if i wuld have i wuld have chased u in the game and try to kill u and i wuld prob kinda swear but i didnt cus im chill rn

wdym they are just tips

i wuld say that other acol is better in pvp and no these are just general tips to help ppl

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cus i can tell bcus i playd with the other acol and asked for a pvp and he was way better than u in pvp

i wuld say ur better in grinding

wht? i said other acol was better in pvp

ohhhhhhhhh its u

u guys share the forum acc too?

hmmmm idk